Process: Styleframes

Part way through creating the storyboards I began to envision what the finished film might look like. I created a few style frames to help me visualise what I was drawing. I got excited doing this and worked out what a few scenes would look like. At the time I was so satisfied with how these scenes looked that nothing about them changed in the final piece. I’m unsure if this is a result of my immediate and off-the-cuff style of working, or if I’m too precious with ideas.
The following images are a result of my experimentation with style frames. These style frames were a massive influence on the overall look and feel of the final piece. In hindsight I believe I should have experimented much more with style; I spent the first three weeks researching the topic and mulling over ideas, rather than devoting time to practise led research.

Despite this I think the visuals are particularly effective at a number of different points. Here(right) I think I effectively conveyed that nameless feeling of dull loneliness we can feel sometimes whilst on our phones, alone at night;that feeling of being connected to all our friends and family at the touch of a button, whilst simultaneously feeling really quite alone.

lay in tshirt


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