Process: Storyboard

I came up with most of my ideas whilst storyboarding. As I’d decided only that the film was going to revolve around two friends/lovers I generated most of my ideas by taping a section of the script to the wall, and sketching ideas before finalising these into a story board. I created three different storyboards before I fully decided on the following pages.

I found that my emotional weightlifting illustrations were well suited to this topic and so they informed a good deal of the fims metaphors.

Though they are often drinking beer, I attempted to make the characters to appear as ‘big kids’ to illustrate how we can all be foolish, irrational and immature. This is in fact another philosophy of Alain De Botton’s. In his talk ‘On Love’1 he recommends we extend to ourselves and our loved ones, the same tolerance, and understanding we have for small children and their selfish behaviour. This is because we are all, at times, very selfish.

My illustrations often focus on loneliness, belonging and social anxiety and though none of these emotional issues are directly mentioned in the film I felt a it important to include them. I tried to do this without taking anything away from the original topic, but rather enhancing it with details of my own worries and vulnerabilities. I did this by making the ‘harsh critic’ Alain mentions in the first section a set of judges looking down on the character, and by having the character hyper aware of how he appears on social media.

I tried to devise a strong metaphor for each section of the film, however as I approached each part of the script separately I lost track of this aim and some of the scenes very literally translate Alain’s ideas. For example: to illustrate that the sharing of our vulnerabilities can reassure others that they are not alone in their shortcomings, the hat character shows his friend his foolish beer spill on his phone. This is a very literal way to represent this compared to the other sections of the film.


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