Process: Animatic

After finalising the storyboard I created an animatic. I was happy with style and excited to get started so I think I may have rushed the animatic, not realising I was creating the blueprint for the finished film. However, this was my first time creating an animatic.

It was whilst working on the animatic that I began to consider the sound design of the finished piece, I neglected to leave myself enough time to fully experiment and develop the soundscape of the film but I think I was still inventive in my use of sound effects. I took influence from the independent video game ‘Super Meat Boy’ whilst designing the sounds of the characters, in which the main character is a vulnerable skinless blob made from meat. As the character bounces round the platforms of the game he squishes and squelches in the same way real meat would.

I intended to make my characters sound soft and fleshy in the same way with my sound design in the hope that they may become more tangible, and seem vulnerable as if without their armour or shell. Come to think of it a shell might have been an effective metaphor for vulnerability.

draft images0069draft images0055draft images0020draft images 50004draft images 50001draft images 40045draft images 40032draft images 30034draft images 30016




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